The Drunken Nerd Blues (Space Cadet Version)

by Some Metry Guy



Rewrite and remix of the standard, "The Drunken Nerd Blues," created specifically to appear on a krewe benefit album.


If your escape pod crashes onto Tatooine and
The inhabitants there seem just a little too mean and
They throw you out of the local cantina and
You’re waiting for your friends remaining sight unseen,
I’ve got a piece of advice
For 3POs and R2s:
It’s not the end of Alderaan,
It’s just the drunken nerd blues.

And if you left your man on Ceti Alpha Five and
You waved goodbye as you engaged warp drive and
You couldn’t care less if he was still alive and
He makes you crazy ‘cause he did survive?
It’ll shake you up, Jim,
On your shakedown cruise
But it’s not Ceti Alpha Six:
It’s just the drunken nerd blues.

And if the darkness falls upon your peaceful Shire and
The whole world wants the Ring that you acquire and
You bring the thing right to Mount Doom’s fire and
Even then you’re fighting with your own desire,
No one said it was easy
To pay your dues.
You don’t just walk into Mordor, Sam.
Not with the drunken nerd blues.

Whenever you’re facing universal fail,
And you exchange the blue milk for the Romulan ale,
You won’t escape your fate in an alien bar,
With never your mind on where you are.

And if the DC reboot rumor turns out true and
You’re tired of Abrams always hating you and
Somehow every answer ends up 42 and
You’re invited to join that Chewbacchus Krewe.
The world is better with
A dozen Doctor Whos.
And You Are Not Alone.
Singing the drunken nerd blues.


released September 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Some Metry Guy New Orleans, Louisiana

I'm a guy from Metry.
These are some songs I wrote.
I hope you like them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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